The Prestigious fellowships awards include:

  • The David and Elaine Potter Fellowship - No New applications for 2023
  • The Harry Crossley Foundation Research Fellowship - Applications for 2023 are Closed
  • The Harry Crossley Foundation Honours Degree - Intercalated Track in the Health Sciences - Applications for 2023 are Closed
  • The 2023/2024 Scarbrow Bursary Fund (for study of recognised postgraduate degrees in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the USA, Canada and in any recognised university in Europe Applications for 2023 Still to Open
  • DSI-CSIR Inter Bursary Support Programme - Application for 2023 are OPEN

Each of these programmes has different criteria and restrictions. The awards are full-cost and most of them include travel and research allowances. A condition of these awards is that recipients are required to organise a seminar based on their research.

Please contact the Postgraduate Funding Office for information regarding deadlines.