• Who is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the fees account?

    It is your responsibility as a student of UCT to check your fees account on a regular basis and make sure that all information is correct. This is especially important before the end of an academic year.

    Various charges may be debited to fees accounts if these have not been settled previously. These include:

    • library fines
    • traffic fines
    • student health charges
    • residence damage costs
    • emergency loans.

    Such charges often appear on fees accounts late in the year.

  • Whom should I contact if I need help interpreting my fees account?

    Telephone or visit the Fees Office and discuss your account with a fees officer.

    Queries relating to student accommodation and meals should be directed to the Student Accommodation Office.

  • How can I obtain my fees balance?

    To access your account balance via the web, visit the UCT Student Self-Service portal and follow the links.

    Alternatively, contact the Fees Office.

  • What information do I need to access my fees account balance on the web?

    You will need your student number and password to view your fees account balance.

    If you do not know your password, contact your computer lab supervisor.

  • How often are fees accounts mailed and to which addresses are they sent?

    The university does not issue detailed statements of account before the start of the academic year. It is your responsibility to make the initial payment by the due date and we do not remind you that the initial payment is due.

    Detailed statements of fees accounts are sent monthly from March onwards to the Fees address as well as the bursary funder’s address, where appropriate.

  • My fees account is being mailed to the incorrect address.

    You are responsible for maintaining personal address details on the student system. Update your Fees address via the UCT Student Self-Service portal.

    Statements of account are sent to the home address (postal) if a Fee address is not specified.

    The university does not accept responsibility for incorrect addresses or postal service deficiencies resulting in statements of account not being received. Make enquiries promptly if you do not receive a statement of account.

  • I am not receiving a fees account and my address details are correct.

    Via the UCT Student Self-Service portal, check your fee account to see if you have outstanding fees as we do not send out accounts with credit or nil balances. Contact the Fees Office if you are still experiencing problems.

  • I have secured a bursary for next year and the bursary funder wants an estimate of fees. Whom do I need to contact?

    Consult Information for Sponsors Section 4 in the Student Fees Handbook (Handbook 12) or the Fees Office for further information.

    Pro forma fees invoices can be requested for bursary funders once a copy of the bursary award letter has been forwarded to the Fees Office.