Common question about postgraduate funding are answered below:

  • Who is eligible to apply for UCT Merit and Need funding via PG online funding application?

    Only South African (or permanent resident) applicants registering towards a full-time Honours, Master's, or Doctoral degree. These include: • First year Honours students • First or second year Master’s students • First, second or third-year Doctoral students You are ineligible if: • Applying in 2024 for a fourth year of a bachelor's degree, LLB, postgraduate certificates or diplomas • registering for EAFM (modular) or a professional degree with a research component less than 33.3% • registering for MMed or MBA • registering for modular studies or full Coursework Master’s • registering for a degree at the same level (or lower) that you have already obtained (e.g. A second Honours degree) • working more than 20 hours per week (Note that NRF is limited to 12 hours per week).

    Students registering for a fourth year of a bachelor's degree, certificates, LLB, and diplomas are required to apply for funding through the Undergraduate Student Financial Aid Office.

  • What is the difference between merit and need funding?

    Merit-based funding is based on your Grade Point Average (GPA) of 70% or above of the previous degree, with a value up to R30,000. Need-based funding is based on the following: Financial Aid (Full Cost), Combined gross household income should not exceed R350 000 per annum or GAP funding (Tuition bursary), Combined gross household income should be between R350 001.00 and R600 000 per annum.

  • What funding can I be awarded via PG (postgraduate) online funding application?

    Students whose online applications are approved for funding, will receive UCT Merit or Need sourced funding. Some students will also receive Departmental or Donated/Invested funding which is outlined in the UCT Handbook 14. In addition, Master’s by Research and Doctoral may also be selected via nomination by the committee to receive a once-off R5,000 VC Research Scholarship that is renewable for the tenure of degree. VC Research Scholars may also be awarded UCT PG Financial Aid if their Cost of Attendance is not covered.

  • Does funding administered through PG Online Funding application cover outstanding fee debt/historical fee debt?

    No. Funding applied for through the UCT PG Financial Aid does not cover historical fee debt. The funding applied for is for that specific academic year.

  • Can I apply for the PG Online funding application before receiving an admission offer?

    Yes. You can apply for the PG Online funding application prior to receiving an outcome for your admissions application to UCT. Note that you must have applied for admission to UCT through both your department and the central admissions office to access the application on the PeopleSoft student portal.

  • I am registering mid-year, does the online application apply to me?

    Yes. Students who registered mid-year are eligible to apply for funding via the UCT PG Financial Aid and are to do so in the preceding year. Note that you will not receive the award until you have registered.

  • Can I apply for the UCT PG Financial Aid funding if I already hold other funding?

    Yes. You are encouraged to apply for all funding opportunities, as funding is not guaranteed. You need to declare all sources of funding, as the UCT need awards are up to your Cost of Attendance (Tuition and living costs based on allowances) Note: Merit can be held to the UCT income limits: Honours: R190 000 Master’s: R254 000 Doctoral: R315 000

  • When will I know the outcome of my UCT PG Financial Aid application?

    Applicants will first receive a receipt acknowledging receipt of application once you click submit: • If you do not meet the preliminary eligibility criteria, the committee will send a denied/ineligibility letter. • If your application is complete and you have met the preliminary eligibility criteria, the committee will assess your application during selection and an outcome will be communicated by 22 December 2023 Note that approved outcomes are provisional on meeting the conditions set forward on the PG Funding policy.

  • I was unsuccessful receiving the UCT PG Financial Aid, what can I do now?

    Unsuccessful applicants may seek alternative funding opportunities through the electronic funding noticeboard as well as consulting with their department or supervisor for any departmental or available project-based funding.

  • What is Cost of Attendance (COA)?

    Cost of Attendance is the full cost that is needed to cover the tuition, once-off book/research and living costs (based on monthly allowances) for the academic year which you have registered. This differs from the UCT income limit as these amounts are only applicable to Need-based funding: • Once-off Book/Research allowance (Honours and Master’s: R5,000, Doctoral: R10,000) • Living at home covers food and travel allowances (R3,000 per month) • Living at UCT residence covers the residence cost and a food allowance (R2,000 per month) • Living in off-campus private accommodation covers food, travel, and rental allowances (R8,000 per month)

  • How are the UCT PG Financial Aid award values calculated?

    The value of the Financial Aid award is your Cost of Attendance, less other awards received, as well as direct deposits/payment made for the academic year. We use your place of residence to project an award value. GAP is a tuition only bursary (partial or full value) based on the gross family income bracket and can upheld concurrently with other awards up to your Cost of Attendance. Merit awards is a standardised partial award up to R30,000 and can be held with other awards up to UCT’s income limit. Need based Awards will be reduced to the value stated above and will be cancelled if it exceeds the Cost of Attendance.

  • What happens if I pay the registration fee before receiving an award?

    Students who apply for the need award are not supposed to pay for the initial fee. Should you or any other person/organisation contribute towards your fees, and you are awarded Financial Aid, this will reduce the value of the award and you will not be refunded this payment. Students who receive GAP awards are to cover the balance only. Late payment penalties are reversed

  • I applied for another award; can I hold the award concurrently?

    Please refer to Cost of Attendance for UCT merit and need awards. If you are awarded 10A Departmental/donor/investment funding ONLY, this can be held up to the UCT Income limit of: Honours: R190 000 Master’s: R254 000 Doctoral: R315 000 The VC Research Scholarship can be held over the Cost of Attendance limit.

  • After I claimed for the UCT Financial Aid, I was offered additional funding from UCT, what do I do?

    These offers of award are packaged within the UCT PG Financial Aid to cover part of your Cost of Attendance. These additional offer letters serve the purpose to process the value needed to pay for your tuition and allowances that is charged to your fee account.

  • Why has my UCT Financial Aid award been reduced?

    UCT need based awards are capped to the Cost of Attendance (view Cost of Attendance above) and reduces if awarded additional funds from other sources or your tuition or living costs has decreased.

  • Why has my UCT PG Financial Aid award been cancelled/withdrawn?

    Awards may be cancelled/withdrawn as per the conditions set in the claim form such as: • Full time employed, • Cost of Attendance met, • change in programme/degree, • denied an academic place, • exceeds UCT income limit, • unclaimed award, etc.

  • How do I renew my UCT PG Financial Aid award?

    You will automatically be assessed for renewal if you are awarded UCT merit or need funding, The renewal is only for awardees who are continuing their degree (or supervisor approved an upgrade) and within the funding tenure. The approval of renewal is on condition that you have made satisfactory progress, are within the funding tenure for the degree (e.g. two years for master's and three years for doctoral), and still meet the award condition (e.g. working hour and/or income limit). Outcomes are communicated at year end. Should you be registering for a different degree (Honours to applying for Master’s admissions or Master’s to applying for Doctoral admissions) you are to reapply for that degree via the UCT PG Financial Aid.