Common question about postgraduate funding are answered below:

  • Who is eligible to apply for funding?

    Only students registering towards a full-time honours, master's or doctoral degree.

    Students registering for a fourth year of a bachelor's degree, certificates, LLB, and diplomas are required to apply for funding through the Undergraduate Student Financial Aid Office.

  • Can I apply for funding before registration?

    Yes, as long as you apply to your department and admissions soon afterwards as awards will not be paid out unless you have been accepted by the department and  you are registered for full-time study.

  • Where do I find application forms?

    Applications can be downloaded from the Postgraduate Funding Office.

  • What are the requirements to apply for a scholarship?

    Requirements differ from one scholarship to the other. It is important to read all the application requirements and information provided carefully when preparing your application.

  • What happens once I am approved for a scholarship?

    You will be sent a letter offering you an award as well as a claim form. These documents will stipulate the time in which you have to accept the award, as well as the conditions of award.

  • Why do I need a bank account?

    It is needed for any remaining credit balances that are on your UCT fee account after all fees and other costs have been deducted from incoming awards. The student administration system will not allow transfer of any credit balance unless you have entered your correct banking details on the PeopleSoft system.

  • When will I know the results of my application?

    Results are communicated by post at end of December. It is thus important that your correct postal address is reflected on the PeopleSoft system.

  • Why do I need a progress report and what times of the year should I submit one to the office?

    All awards made are governed by conditions which include satisfactory academic progress. You are required to submit 2 academic progress reports per annum – the first is due at the end of the first semester (June/July ) and the second progress report is due at the end of the year.

  • When I apply for funding am I guaranteed to be successful?

    No. The university is not able to provide any such guarantee. Funds are limited and success of application depends on the applicant meeting the application criteria AND the availability of funds. Students are encouraged to apply for as many awards as possible.

  • As an international student which awards can I apply for?

    You can apply for the International and Refugee Scholarships, DAAD/NRF, NRF Grantholder awards and other external awards listed on the electronic noticeboard.

  • Can I apply for funding if I am a permanent resident holder?

    Yes. You can apply on Form 10A, but you are ineligible for National Rsearch Foundation (NRF) and  Medical Research Council (MRC) support.

  • Who is ineligible to apply for funding?

    Students who will register for the fourth year of a bachelors degree, HDE, LLB, postgraduate certificates and diplomas are ineligible to apply for funding and are encouraged to visit the Undergraduate Student Financial Aid Office.