Unleash Human Potential to Create a Fair and Just Society

UCT Vision 2030

Vision 2030 is the result of inclusive and transformative leadership at the University of Cape Town (UCT). It was developed to give expression to UCT’s massive transformative purpose – “Unleash human potential to create a fair and just society” – in the core academic functions, the cross-cutting responsibilities of transformation and social responsiveness, and the systems that support and sustain UCT’s work. It belongs to – and is the responsibility of – every member of the UCT community.

There are three pillars at the core of vision 2030:

Vision 2030 for UCT

Our dream is to draw from the extraordinary social and cultural diversity, creativity and capacity for innovation of all our staff and students to contribute to making the 21st century the Afrikan century. UCT will:

  • attract students with exceptional potential from our country, our continent and our world
  • offer a transformative and socially engaged undergraduate and postgraduate education
  • provide both contact and digitally mediated education
  • expand its capacity to offer continuous education and micro-credentials
  • produce research that answers the complex problems of today and tomorrow
V2030 Afrika

Teaching and learning

We will work to unleash students’ potential through education to be resilient agents of change for themselves and in society. UCT will:

  • offer innovative curricula at the cutting edge of disciplines and professions
  • offer a socially engaged curriculum develop graduate attributes targeted at the self, the community and the world
  • provide a problem-based education that takes place both at the university and the workplace


We will work to unleash knowledge in and from Afrika to redefine and co-create a sustainable global future. UCT will:

  • build on its globally recognised expertise in natural and social science disciplines, as well as in the humanities
  • attract top academics from South Africa, the rest of Afrika and the broader global community
  • intensify our global interface with other universities and research centres by leveraging our participation in international and Afrikan partnerships


The following initiatives demonstrate our commitment towards realising Vision 2030: