If you would like to request a refund, download the Refund form.

There is no refund of subscription fees if you cancel your membership during the year.


Students receiving funding administered by the Student Financial Aid Office or the Postgraduate Funding Office must apply to the relevant funding office for refunds.

The Fees Office will evaluate and authorise the payment of all other credit balances to students. For example, if you have a bursary, the bursary funder's permission to pay over the credit must be received in writing before it can be paid into your bank account.


You must enter and maintain your banking details on the student system via the Student Self-Service portal. If your banking details are correct, complete and return the refund form to the Fees Office for processing.

Refunds from external payments will only be paid after a period of 14 days from date of payment to the fee account.

Terms and conditions apply.