Fee statements are sent electronically to the fee payer’s email address. If this information is not provided or maintained on the system, statements will be e-mailed to the student’s e-mail address.

Important notes

  1. Where payment is being made from outside the rand currency area, payment must be made in South African rand by telegraphic transfer into the UCT bank account. See ‘Payment methods’ in the navigation.
  2. Receipts will only be issued for cash payments to a maximum of ZAR1 500 made at the UCT Cashiers Office.
  3. As advertised in the Student Fees Handbook, late payments are subject to a once-off penalty surcharge and interest will be charged at 1% per month where fees are not settled in full by 30 June. The initial payment is due on the Friday of the week before the start of the academic year.
  4. If you have applied to the bank for a student loan, the initial payment deadline will be extended until 31 March, provided that the Fees Office receives a confirmation letter from the bank.
  5. The late payment penalty will be reversed or adjusted if you are receiving UCT financial assistance or funding.
  6. If you are expecting a bursary, scholarship or loan payment which has not been received, please supply all details to the Fees Office as soon as possible and forward the statement to your sponsor for payment.
  7. Please note the following rules (Handbook 12 – Student Fees Handbook).

    Until fee accounts are settled in full, students:

    • will not be permitted to graduate
    • will not receive their examination results
    • will not receive an academic transcript
    • will not be permitted to register in the following year
    • will not be permitted to register for Summer Term programmes which start in the next academic year
    • will have any offer of a place in residence cancelled on 21 January.

  8. Students registering for the first time in the second semester should pay the full fees, including residence if applicable, at time of registration or prior to registration for International Students, including those from Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries.
  9. The faculty office must be informed in writing of the intention to cancel studies during the academic year and the date of notification will drive any fee rebate. Cancellation of registration forms can be obtained from the faculty office or on the right under 'Forms'.
  10. It is your responsibility to make sure your address and contact details are correct and that changes are updated promptly on the student system via the Student Self-Service portal.