Student behaviour is governed by the institutional rules set out by Council in Handbook 3. Breaches of university rules are dealt with by tribunals.

In residences, discipline is handled by the student housing tribunals, consisting of members appointed in terms of the house constitutions.

A proctor presides over cases heard in the student discipline tribunal. The proctor presides alone for minor cases, or is assisted in serious cases by an assessor nominated by the vice-chancellor, and a student assessor appointed by the Student Representative Council (SRC).

Penalties imposed by the tribunal range from expulsion from the university, for serious misconduct such as plagiarism and violence, to a reprimand for less serious cases.

An appeals tribunal deals with cases in which students are unhappy with the finding of the student discipline tribunal.

The president of the tribunal has legal training and is appointed by Council.

Other members of the tribunal are appointed by the Senate, the SRC and the president.

The legal counsellor in the Office of the Registrar's Secretariat is responsible for :

  • student discipline
  • co-ordinating and administering the operations of the tribunals.