UCT RAG (Remember and Give), is the student fundraising sector of SHAWCO (Students' Health and Welfare Centres Organisation). RAG volunteers organise a number of student and corporate fundraising events each year, with all proceeds going to SHAWCO's many community programmes.

Fundraising initiatives include:

  • SAX Appeal magazine, RAG's annual humour magazine, sold to the public mainly on the streets of Cape Town
  • "Big Bash" –  the annual end-of-year orientation party
  • RAG diary, an organisational tool for UCT students
  • RAG Graduation wine labelled with a list of all the graduates' names – about 4 000 – in fine print, with a complimentary wine glass and a magnifying glass to read the names on the label.

Part of RAG's role on campus is to build the skills of its members through internal development programmes, and through its various projects. RAG believes in supporting the UCT and Cape Town communities and strives to increase the amount of money donated to SHAWCO each year.

Students are encouraged to support RAG by attending its events and, early in the second half of the year to apply to join one of its committees.

Watch Varsity newspaper for details.

To contact SHAWCO or RAG please see contact details on the right. For more information please visit the RAG website.