Educare policy on sick children

It is policy at the UCT Educare Centre not to admit children when they are sick. Parents are requested not to bring their children to the centre when they are ill.

If children fall ill during the course of the day, parents are contacted and asked to come and collect their children.


In the event of an emergency such as a fracture or open wound, the teacher on duty will assess the injury, stabilise and reassure the child, while another staff member will contact the parents to inform them of the incident.

If both parents are unavailable, then the emergency contact persons, as indicated on the admission form completed at the start of the year, will be called.

If all else fails, the UCT occupational health nurse will be contacted or the child will be taken to the Red Cross Children's Hospital.

Access control

The coordinator will arrange for the parent's staff or student card to be encoded to allow them access the centre.

Campus Protection Services

The Educare Centre is responsible for ensuring that the children are cared for in a safe environment. Each teacher has a panic button which is linked to Campus Protection Services to use in case of an emergency.

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