UCT has an agreement with RESQ911 to respond to any medical emergencies on campus. Medical emergencies must be reported to Campus Protection Services by dialling 080 650 2222 (toll-free). CPS will contact RESQ911 and escort the ambulance to the location of the emergency.

This agreement covers only rapid response to UCT's campuses. The ambulance or emergency vehicle will respond and stabilise the ill or injured individual. After this, the cost for transporting the injured or ill person must be covered by the individual's medical aid or personal account.

This service is for all the UCT campuses. The service can be used by all staff, students and contractors.

The service includes:

  • 24-hour service to get medical advice
  • 24-hour service for any counselling including trauma, substance abuse, poison, suicide, bereavement and rape
  • 24-hour response to any medical emergency.

All calls are confidential.


Things you need to know when calling for an ambulance:

  • The call can be made by the ill or injured individual or a concerned person (eg warden or receptionist).
  • Have the following information available:
    1. what is wrong?
    2. where is the person?
    3. who is with the person?
    4. are there any hazards/ dangers in the area?
  • The EMS service will advise what actions should be taken and dispatch an ambulance if necessary
  • The EMS service will tell Campus Protection Services (CPS) about the call from UCT and whether an ambulance is on its way.
  • CPS will only be informed if an ambulance is being sent. They will not be advised of other calls.
  • CPS will meet the ambulance at identified point and escort it to the exact location.

A monthly report will be sent to UCT on the service. (Confidential patient information will not be revealed.)

Any queries or comments about the service can be emailed to ohs@uct.ac.za.

View also: Emergency protocol for a student in a mental health crisis on campus and in UCT residences.