Core service timetables Valid from 12 September to 21 October 2022

Please note:

  • All UCT Shuttle services will be operating the core service timetables during the vacation period.
  • The bus schedule times on the GoMetro App are currently being updated, all students and staff to please adhere to the timetables posted on UCT’s website and UCT Mobile App.
  • Obs Square/Meds School (FHS) operates via UC North and UC South Stop on all trips.
  • Great Westerford passengers must use Claremont service.
  • Mowbray passengers must use Forest Hill Service.
  • The Claremont bus will collect and drop off passengers at the golden arrow bus stop opposite Roco Mamas Rondebosch – direction to campus. This is not a scheduled stop, passengers need to request the driver to stop when alighting and signal driver to board.
  • The Sunday timetables apply to public holidays.
  • The Bremner shuttle service has been extended to middle and upper campus (North and South Stops). It starts from lower and goes to Bremner and then to Kramer on middle campus and then to upper campus. The service operates in the morning and will be extended to the end of the day.
  • The UCT Shuttle service is available for free to all staff and students who are in possession of a valid UCT staff or student card.
  • All students and staff members are required to show their student/staff cards before boarding the UCT Shuttle.
  • Passengers are advised to be at shuttle boarding points at least 5–10 minutes before departure time.
  • Timetables are subject to change.
  • The website is regularly updated.

Core service timetables

Valid from 25 July - 2 September 2022

All routes | Route 1: Claremont | Route 2: Bremner | Route 3: Sandown | Route 4: Tugwell | Route 5: Forest Hill | Route 6: Clarinus| Route 7: Rochester | Route 9: Liesbeeck | Route 10: Hiddingh Hall | Route 11: Obz Square (via Medical School) | Route 13: Residence Loop| Saturday half loop | Overnight

All routes

Route 2: Bremner

Weekday timetable

Route 3: Sandown

Weekday timetable

Route 4: Tugwell

Weekday and Saturday timetable

Route 5: Forest Hill

Weekday timetable

Route 6: Clarinus

Weekday timetable

Route 7: Rochester

Weekday timetable

Route 9: Liesbeeck

Weekday timetable

Route 11: Obz Square (via Faculty of Health Sciences)

Weekday timetable

Route 13: Residence loop

Weekday timetable
Weekend timetable

Saturday half loop

Saturday half loop timetable


Overnight Bus

Overnight timetable