ICAS on-site counselling is available for staff. ICAS virtual sessions are also available:

Staff can access the onsite clinic asking to be ‘seen’ at the onsite clinic and the service can be accessed by calling the:

  1. Telephonic counselling: Toll free number: 080 111 3945
  2. The ICAS On-the-Go app lets you chat live with an ICAS counsellor and gives you and your family access to 24/7/365 EWP info on your health and wellness needs. – UNI003
  3. Please call me: *134*905#
  4. E-mail: uct@icas.co.za

We believe counselling can be very useful in many circumstances, and encourage staff to utilise the counselling that is available via UCT to minimise any stressors (work or personal) that might impact on their overall well-being.

What is the UCT Employee Health and Wellness Programme (EHWP)?

The UCT Employee Health and Wellness Programme is a confidential work / life resource / benefit provided by UCT for employees at no cost to the employee.

What is the purpose of the counselling? 

The goal of the counselling is to offer confidential and experienced help with the resolution of personal, as well as problems that are affecting work, or has the potential to affect work. Counselling can help most troubled employees find new alternatives and other resources to deal more effectively with their problems. These problems could include: marital and family conflicts, emotional problems, illness, financial difficulties, drug and alcohol abuse, job stress and burnout, legal difficulties, eldercare, childcare, parenting issues, balancing work and family, depression, anxiety, HIV and AIDS, compulsive gambling, and other major life changes.

The counselling process is designed to help people understand or overcome their personal problems. Such problems, if left unresolved can result in family disruption, job loss, and severe health problems.

Telephonic counselling

The University, through the Organisational Health and Wellness office, offers support for its employees through access to two toll-free telephonic counselling services.

ICAS (Independent Counselling and Advisory Services) SADAG (South African Depression and Anxiety Group)

Toll-free number: 0801 113 945 from a Telkom line
(available 24 hours a day)

Or send a USSD code *134*905# to request a call back.

Email:  uct@icas.co.za

Toll-free number: 0800 171 171 from a Telkom line
(available 24 hours a day)

Or send an SMS to 31393 to request a call back.
Or email office@anxiety.org.za for a counsellor to call you back.
Free telephonic counselling for stress, relationships, HIV & AIDS, depression, trauma, burnout, anxiety, health issues, substance abuse, family matters, conflict, change, work issues, diversity, bereavement, legal and financial issues. Free telephonic counselling for depression, anxiety / panic, trauma / PTSD, bipolar, suicide, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and other mental health disorders.
Learn more about the ICAS toll-free counselling service. Visit the SADAG website for useful resources such as questionnaires, articles and online videos.

On-site counsellor

An English speaking on-site counsellor will be available on Mondays and Wednesdays, while an isiXhosa speaking on-site counsellor is available on Friday. All the counsellors are only available from (09h00 - 13h00). The counsellors will be stationed in the Bremner building. Should you wish to make an appointment to see either counsellor, please call the toll-free line to make bookings:  080 111 3945

  • Bremner Building:  09h00 - 13h00 (4 hours) (Monday, Wednesday & Friday's)
  • On-site counsellor at SATVI - 09h00- 13h00 (4 hours) (once a month) contact Marwou de Kock (023 346 5400)
  • On-site counsellor at Desmond Tutu (once a month) - contact Dr Mkhize

Eligibility - Who can use the counselling?

The counselling is open to all employees and members of their immediate family (classified as spouse / life partner and minor children).

Programme integrity and confidentiality

As privacy and confidentiality is the foundation of the Organisational Health and Wellness office, all contacts with the UCT counselling process are guaranteed absolute confidentiality. Information shared with a counsellor will not be disclosed to anyone without your written consent, unless required by law. To ensure privacy, counselling records are kept as separate records, and counselling information is not included in medical records or personnel files.


The decision to participate in counselling is voluntary and up to the individual employee or family member. A recommendation may be made from a third party, but the final decision is the employee's as to whether to make use of the service or not.

Contacting the Organisational Health and Wellness office for counselling

For more information, please contact Blanche Claasen-Hoskins (021 650 5685) or Susan Williams (021 650 4376) 

Self-assessment questionnaires

A set of self-assessment questionnaires have been provided by SADAG (South African Depression and Anxiety Group). If an issue is identified, please seek support via the counselling services mentioned above.