The Access Control division offers the following services:

  • production of UCT staff, student and third-party identification cards
  • replacement of lost or damaged cards (see conditions below)
  • assigning access to individuals or groups to specific areas on campus (all requests to be authorised by relevant heads of department)
  • processing general access-related queries.

If you need a replacement card the following conditions apply:

  • Badly damaged or lost cards: If your card is badly damaged (cracked or bent) or has been lost you will have to pay for a replacement card. The cost is R120. 
  • Worn cards: If the print on your card is badly worn from normal wear and tear the card is replaced free of charge.
  • Stolen cards: If your card is stolen it is replaced free of charge provided you present an affidavit from the police where it was reported stolen.
  • Proof of identification: Should you wish to get a new card for whatever reason you will be required to produce positive proof of identification.

To log a fault or request additional physical access for an individual or a group of people please complete a BAS10: Access control fault logging or access request form.