Buying from non-registered vendors results in significant extra costs to the university as a result of administrative processes. A minor saving for the department can be a significant extra cost to the university. The use of non-registered vendors poses special risks and costs to the university.

Vendor types include:

  • Preferred Trade Vendors – accredited suppliers with whom UCT has negotiated best price, quality and service
  • Trade Vendors – loaded in SAP, but where formal agreements have not been negotiated by Procurement and Payment Services (PPS)
  • Temporary Vendors – intended for genuine once-off transactions, their use is monitored and blocked after 3 purchase orders

If you intend to use a vendor regularly make sure to apply for Trade Vendor status.          

To create a vendor on SAP

Where there is no preferred vendor and/or an already registered vendor for the items you need to procure, and you plan to regularly use a vendor, you can request that the vendor be created on SAP.

Vendors are judged according to the following criteria:

  • financial stability
  • tax compliance status
  • VAT status
  • BEE status
  • payment terms and method
  • conditions of sale
  • resources and operational capacity
  • trade references