Third-party access cards are issued to all permanent or temporary third parties working at UCT for periods of up to 6 months. They must be supported by one of the following members of staff:

  • head of department of academic departments
  • director/head of department of administrative and support departments
  • the relevant dean.

Third parties can be defined as:

  • employees of contractors undertaking outsourcing functions such as catering, campus security, cleaning, grounds and gardens
  • employees of agencies such as the National Research Foundation (NRF) and Medical Research Council (MRC)
  • independent contractors
  • consultants
  • medium- to long-term visitors who are neither staff (whether honorary or remunerated) nor students
  • commercial tenants leasing university premises for private use.

To apply for a third-party access, please complete an Application for the registration of third-party identification and associated access to UCT resources BAS03 form.