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UCT wants to make our institution a home for all. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to listen to others, especially in an environment that brings together people representing so many different backgrounds, cultures, sexual identities, languages and experiences. The Staff Inclusivity Survey will allow all staff members a safe space to express how engaged, represented and valued they feel at UCT.

To guarantee anonymity and confidentiality, an external service provider, Aephoria, is administering the voluntary survey. The initial phase (20 May to 14 June) involved the completion of an electronic or paper-based survey form in English, Afrikaans or isiXhosa; the second phase (29 July to 13 September) comprises interviews and focus groups to explore in more depth the themes that have come out of responses to the online and paper survey. 

Based on the results UCT will implement appropriate interventions that will run from 2020 to 2023 to improve the sense of inclusivity at the institution.

Project timeline

Before the survey

  1. VC Desk: 13 May 2019

During the survey

  1. Quantitative survey completion: 20 May - 14 June 2019
  2. Preliminary Analysis of quantitative data: 24 June – 26 July 2019
  3. Convene focus groups and interviews (Aephoria to explore in depth themes from survey) : 29 July - 13 September 2019

After the survey

  1. Full data analysis by Aephoria: 16 September – 14 October 2019
  2. Detailed and final results:
    1. Findings from the Staff Inclusivity Survey – 20 December 2019
    2. Summary Findings from the Staff Inclusivity Survey – 20 December 2019
  3. Interventions to run 2020-2023
  4. Repeat survey methodology in 2023 to measure impact of interventions

Ethical clearance

Faculty of Commerce Ethical Clearance Letter for the Inclusivity Survey by Aephoria

Survey examples

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Survey email

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Example of the isiXhosa hardcopy

English version

Example of the english hardcopy

Afrikaanse weergawe

Example of the afrikaans hardcopy

Survey posters

English poster

Afrikaans poster

isiXhosa poster