The Travel Booking System should be used for all UCT domestic travel bookings including flights, accommodation, car rental and shuttle. The system allows for the following on a single booking, and charges a single transaction fee:

  • up to 5 flight legs
  • accommodation, including hotels and B&Bs
  • car rental
  • shuttles

Up to 9 travellers may be included in a single booking, when all travel together on the same flights. This may not be advisable as some of the travellers may want to change a flight. The only change allowed is when all travellers change to the same flight. is a Travel Management Company (TMC). When a PCard is used to make a travel booking it does not need to be presented when boarding the flight.

International/regional travel

Travel bookings may also be used for direct international/regional flights. However, for more complex flights, contact the travel desk or one of UCT's other preferred TMCs. Refer to the UCT preferred vendor link on right.

The travel desk will ensure appropriate connection times, compliance with visa requirements and other complex booking technicalities.