Answers to some of your Remote Work Allowance (RWA) queries:

  • Who is eligible for the RWA?

    All staff (including T1 and T2 staff) who can do their job function remotely and have a need for data connectivity. After 18 months of remote working, these staff members should already be identified, as well as the data need of each staff member.

    Full time staff who are returning to campus on an adhoc basis are also eligible to receive the full RWA.  This will be reviewed with the introduction of the Hybrid Work Policy.

  • What about staff currently on a UCT device?

    It may be that for some staff (especially T1 and T2 staff), remaining on a UCT device, with data bought centrally by UCT, may be the best option in the short term. This is a group that needs to be managed based on fibre options in the area for the staff member, as well as the nature of the employment contract.

    The UCT dongle remains the property of UCT and needs to be managed by the department.

  • What is the value of the RWA?

    The RWA is R700 per month, which includes an agreement with the staff member to have a plan for load shedding. ICTS have guidelines for various options to assist with load shedding, and are also currently negotiating discounts with vendors. Some fibre companies provide a device/service for load shedding as part of the package.

  • What if a staff member is currently using more than the RWA?

    The personal package selected must provide adequate data and speed (recommended uncapped and 20/20 MBPS) for the job function, including meeting attendance. The general non-UCT need of the household also will need to be factored into the package selection. ICTS have published guidelines to assist with data options.

  • What fund does the RWA come from?

    This can either come from the Operating (GOB/Research) or Staffing fund. The templates for Staffing funds have been updated to allow expenditure on GL2900 (Internet Connectivity).

  • Are soft-funded staff eligible for the RWA?

    The RWA is applicable to all staff relative to the nature of their post as it aligns to expected service delivery and operation.  Ideally the stipulated RWA amount of R700 is applicable however in the case of soft funded staff cognisance is taken of budgetary constraints. In such scenarios, any deviation from the R700 would have to be motivated for, communicated to staff and applied consistently throughout the unit.  The amount agreed must be included when completing the HR109a.

  • Are part-time staff eligible for the RWA?

    Staff who work less than 20 hours a week, and are eligible for a pro-rated allowance - the monthly amount must be included when completing the HR109a.

  • Are students eligible for the RWA?

    Students who are eligible due to their staff appointment, will need to be assessed based on the student data allowance already given and coverage by Eduroam.  The amount agreed must be included when completing the HR109a.

  • Are emeritus staff eligible for the RWA?

    Emeritus staff are entitled to the allowance if they hold an active post retirement appointment.  The RWA must have an end date and be reviewed regularly for eligibility.  Based on available funding, the RWA may be pro-rated.  The amount agreed must be included when completing the HR109a.

  • What if staff member starts mid-month?

    Staff who start mid-month, and are eligible, will have the RWA pro-rated.

  • What if a staff member is covered by Eduroam?

    If covered by Eduroam, the staff member will not be eligible for a RWA, even if their job function requires this. This will include staff in UCT accommodation and those who have returned to UCT campus full time.

  • Can a staff member rather take a reimbursement rather than an allowance?

    No, the only reimbursements/PCard spend allowed are for staff on UCT devices, where this is managed and claimed/spent centrally within the department.

  • From when does the RWA apply?

    The R700 per month applies from 1 August 2021, and the RWA will be back-dated for staff who either didn’t receive an allowance previously, or received a monthly data allowance previously. 

    For staff who are continuing to use UCT devices, the RWA will only commence once the staff member has a data plan in place.

  • Will cell phone allowances automatically fall away?

    No, these must be reviewed and agreed with the staff member based on the new RWA and merging of technologies, and specific need for both a cell phone and RWA.  Cell phone allowances will be stopped based on an email confirmation from the department.

  • Must HR109a forms be completed for all RWAs?

    Yes, even if an allowance was previously received, this must be verified for continued eligibility and approval.

  • How do you know what the current data and cell phone allowances are for your department?

    Your HRBP can provide a list of current data and cell phone allowances.  Please contact your HRBP should you require the list.

  • Must the RWA be renewed again in 6 months time?

    The RWA is not for a fixed term and will be in place until circumstances change, which includes for example the implementation of a Hybrid Work Policy, or if returning to campus full time in the interim. This change must be initiated by the department.

  • Can UCT funds be used for UPS devices?

    No, this is now covered by the R700 RWA. In exceptional circumstances this can be motived as an exception using the FM041.


Answers to some of your finance queries:

  • How can I get access to SAP?

    Access to SAP depends on you attending and completing SAP training.

  • How do I book for SAP training?

    1. Go to the Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS) website's SAP section.
    2. Download the relevant application form (see table below), fill it in and have it signed by your Head of Department and the Finance Manager for your area.
    3. Send the application form to the relevant office by the 20th of the month preceding the training month.
    4. You will receive an email confirming your course booking, venue and dates.


  • What happens if I do not access SAP for a while?

    Any user who does not log on to SAP for a period of 2 months will be expired. Expirations are carried out at the beginning of each month. Contact if you need to be unexpired or unlocked.

  • Who can I contact if I forget my password or am locked out of SAP?

  • Who can I contact for help with SAP?

    See Contacts.

  • Where can I find SAP online help?

  • Which SAP financial reports should I use?

    There are 3 SAP financial reporting modules at UCT:

    1. Funds Management (FM) focuses on funds and is used for external reporting to donors and funders. It can also be used for internal reporting according to the source of funding. It is the SAP module that contains budget management and availability control.
    2. Controlling (CO) is mainly used to provide detailed financial planning and reporting against plans for internal financial management. Monthly activity charges can be run based on the agreed cost-drivers of students, staff, research and space. A comparison of the CO plan and actual reports are submitted monthly to Central Finance and form the basis of reports to the University Finance Committee (UFC) and Council.
    3. Financial Accounting (FI) provides an overview of UCT and is used for legal reporting by Central Finance.
  • Where can I find the Finance administrative forms?

  • Where are the Finance policies and guidelines?

  • What do I do when I have a problem using SAP?

  • How do I change my funds centre or cost centre group authorisations?