The University of Cape Town has a responsibility for the well-being of all its staff and students, irrespective of where they may be working, learning, or conducting research. Health and safety on campus extend to all its occupants, including customers, contractors and the public in general when visiting any of UCT's campuses.

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Improving workplace health and safety standards at UCT

The UCT OHSE division is responsible for ensuring legal compliance and promoting best practices relating to occupational health, safety and the environment at UCT. To that extent, we develop and manage strategies and help stakeholders across all university levels with guidance, resources, and training. Read more

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OHSE topics

Aspects of promoting the well-being and safety of people, the institution and the environment

OHSE procedures

UCT’s safe work procedures, risk management and incident reporting


UCT research staff and students can access UCT's Biosafety and Biosecurity resources here

Promoting UCT's OHS culture

Institutional culture is the sum of shared attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that shape how an institution performs its day-to-day tasks. Institutions with optimal occupational health and safety (OHS) culture can maintain high levels of staff wellbeing as well productivity levels because they

  • embed health and safety as core values
  • have a shared understanding of the risks and 
  • have a positive attitude to managing occupational health and safety.

The UCT OHSE division is the ideal, on-campus partner to advise on the overall architecture of the OHS system at UCT and assist with its implementation across the university's institutional structure and its stakeholders. 

Policies & governance

The UCT OHSE Handbook

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The UCT OHSE Handbook is a useful resource for anyone working at or studying on campus. The book provides general guidelines about how to implement occupational health, safety and environment (OHSE) and practical advice on how best practices should work alongside each other. Suitable for managers, heads of departments, staff and students.

Download the UCT OHSE Handbook (requires UCT login)

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