Finance policies and guidelines are listed below.

  • A policy provides principles to guide decisions in terms of UCT governance, and legal requirements.
  • A practice note provides clarity to the UCT community in terms of how the policies are applied in practice
  • A finance-specific practice note details practices within the finance department itself.
  • A guideline provides additional or explanatory information in support of the policies and practice notes.
Policy and procedure # Related documents
Advances PAY006  
Asset AST001  
Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment PUR005  
Cell phone (Refer to Remote Connectivity (Interim) below) GEN004  
Delegation of authorities GEN002  
Disposal of IT equipment ICT002  
Fraud and corruption prevention policy and response plan GEN005  
Fund deficit management GEN011  
Funds deposited with or held by UCT GEN001  
Gifts and hospitality GEN009  
Goods or services provided to UCT by staff or connected parties PAY007  
Handling cash INV001  
Investment portfolios INV002  
Libraries acquisition of information resources PUR008 Collection development implementation guidelines
Special Collections collection development implementation guidelines and procedures
Mileage claims PAY004  
Mobile Payments PAY010  
Non-Audit Services GEN008  
Petty cash PAY003 Petty cash template
Purchasing PUR003  
Purchasing Card (PCard) PUR002  
Purchasing threshold PPP002  
Quotations, tenders and requests for proposal PUR004  
Reimbursements PAY005  
Remote connectivity GEN006 Data connectivity staff guideline
Replacement cycle of end user ICT equipment ICT001  
Risk Management GEN007  
Student Fee & Debt Recovery REV001  
Student Fee Refunds REV002  
Student Fee Waivers REV003  
Subsistence and travel (S&T) PAY002 SARS table: daily amount for travel outside the Republic
Whistleblowing GEN010  


Practice Note # Related documents
Disposal of redundant and second-hand goods PUR001  
Gift vouchers PAY008  
Import and export of goods PPP001  
PCard policy compliance PUR009  
Staff functions and gifts PAY009  
Vendor take-on PUR007  


Practice Note (Finance) # Related documents
Employment of connected persons in Finance FND004  
Professional subscription fees FND001  


Guidelines # Related documents
Insurance documentation FG001  
Contractor's questionnaire FG002 Individual/Sole Proprietor
Private Company/CC/Trust
Labour Broker
Forms: Which one? Advance, reimbursement or subsistence and travel FG003  
Catering at UCT meetings and events FG004  
High risk portable devices FG005  
UCT loyalty points FG006  
Customer Foreign Currency (CFC) bank accounts FG007  
Insurance Cover Guidelines FG008  
Procurement PG001  
Green procurement PG002