OHSE training | OREP support and training | Training presentation

OHSE training

OHSE training comprises a variety of themes:

  • Safe work practices
  • Proper use of personal protective equipment
  • Instruction in hazard recognition and control
  • Emergency procedures and preventive actions

OHSE training can also guide staff on how to find additional information about potential hazards. It can empower staff and managers to become more active in implementing hazard control programs or effecting organisational changes that enhance workplace protection. It is critical to better understand the factors contributing to successful training outcomes.

Regulatory and compliance training

Regulatory training is required when a person is appointed for a specific role such as OHSE representative, fire fighting or first aid. This training is necessary to ensure persons are competent in their roles. Training can be arranged through the OHSE division. Send us an email with your details.

OREP support and training

Support and training for occupational risk exposure profiles (OREP) are available for UCT line managers and supervisors at the OHSE division.

Basic OHSE system training presentation

The OHSE Toolbox Suite will assist you with some of the basic OHSE System Implementation and tools.