The Properties and Services department takes care of UCT's many properties. The services include:

  • project managing the erection of all new buildings
  • re-designing the spaces in existing buildings
  • maintaining existing properties
  • access control
  • security
  • transport
  • traffic control
  • cleaning
  • gardening
  • postal services.

Service requests

To log any requests or incidents please use the P&S Workplace Services Portal.

For staff requiring any assistance accessing the P&S Workplace Services Portal, they may reach out to P&S on email P&S Tech Support.

Download the help guide for instructions about how to access the P&S Workplace mobile app to log service requests from your mobile device.

The department is made up of the following units:

Projects and capital works

This unit plans and executes building infrastructure projects to address the on-going space requirements of the university. They do this by managing and coordinating capital building, engineering-related or other development projects. They also manage project funding and facilitate tendering of projects in line with UCT’s tender policy.

Physical planning unit

The unit focuses on space management, which includes space allocation, design and planning. They also supply copies of the architectural drawings and floor plans.


The Campus Protection Services (CPS) operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They maintain the safety of the university community and property, as well as keeping order in accordance with university policies. Within the unit there is a separate Investigations Department, which handles requirements of a complainant after reporting a crime. They also report crimes to the South African Police Services (SAPS).


The transport unit runs a bus shuttle service, called the UCT Shuttle, which is available free to all UCT students, staff and official visitors.

The fleet is made up of 28 buses and operates between residences, all campuses and some public bus, train and parking facilities in the local vicinity.


The traffic unit is responsible for traffic patrols and enforcement. The service includes selling parking permits to staff, students and third parties needing to park on university premises. The unit also manages the visitor reception area.

Access control

Access control offers the following services:

  • production of UCT staff, student and third-party identification cards
  • replacement of lost or damaged cards
  • assigning access to individuals or groups to specific areas on campus
  • processing general access-related queries.


Maintenance has 3 main categories:

  • reactive repairs – day-to-day maintenance
  • planned work
  • refurbishment projects.

Cleaning services

This unit cleans all areas throughout the university with the exception of residences and areas that need specialised cleaning, such as certain laboratories. The service covers:

  • cleaning of offices, administration areas, kitchens and ablution areas
  • cleaning of teaching venues
  • setting up venues for tests, exams and other functions eg, graduation ceremonies
  • assisting at graduations
  • daily removal of litter from the campus offices and public areas.

Grounds and gardens

This unit looks after the maintenance of the university’s grounds, gardens and sports fields, including:

  • landscape and plant maintenance
  • upkeep of lawns, pruning and weeding
  • tree maintenance
  • irrigation systems
  • decorative plants for university functions
  • horticultural advice related to the university
  • maintenance of sports fields
  • basic waste removal.

Where necessary the services of specialist companies are also used, for example, for arboricultural work.

Postal services

The postal service handles the following:

  • franking and delivery of external mail and registered items to the post office
  • internal collection and distribution of mail
  • recovery of postage charges from user funds.

Green Building Council South Africa

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UCT is a member of the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA). The GBCSA works in collaboration with its membership community, sponsors and extended network of professionals to inspire a built environment in which people and planet thrive. We advocate solutions and tools that enable the design, construction and operation of all buildings in an environmentally responsible way.

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