• UCT Administrative Information  

    Find administrative information about UCT, including: 

    • legal status 
    • official addresses 
    • Value added tax registration number 
    • Assurance numbers 
    • Bank details 
    • And other identification numbers and codes including: 
    • National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database number 
    • US Employer ID number 
    • Commercial and Governmental Entity Code 

    Download the document here

  • Costing & pricing policy 

    UCT's policy for costing and pricing of research and research-related contracts applies to all research-related funding projects supported by external funds, all UCT employees and whenever university resources are used for the purposes of research. 

    This policy is to make sure a consistent approach is used in costing research projects which takes full cost principles into account.   

    All externally funded research and research-related projects are costed by taking into account both direct and indirect costs:  

    • Direct costs include all those either directly incurred by the project or that can be directly attributed to the project, including staff costs.  
    • Indirect costs are those services and benefits provided to the project through the university, such as Libraries, ICTS, Research Office and Research Contracts & Innovation, among others.   

    Download the policy here

  • UCT costing template 

    The costing template should be used to generate a full cost estimate for the proposed project. This is a guide and can be changed or extended to meet the needs of a specific project 

    The PI can use this template to work with the Budget Reviewer to develop an appropriate budget for their research project.  

    Download the template here.

  • Research data management policy 

    With its research data management policy UCT seeks to ensure consistent research practice, related to data management principles, that support effective data sharing, including open access and the need for data to be discoverable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) to specific quality standards.  

    Researcher responsibilities relating to this policy: 

    1. Conform to funder policy in grant proposals, during project lifecycle, and on completion of the project. 
    2. Define significant data to be produced on the research project. 
    3. Document data storage and management requirements in data management plan. 
    4. Submit completed data management plan for submission to funder with project proposal. 
    5. Retain data during project lifecycle and for period specified by funder. 
    6. Deposit data timeously within a University’s repository or domain-specific data infrastructures or other trustworthy repository, according to funder policy.  

    Download the policy here.

  • Open access policy 

    UCT’s open access policy was developed to take forward open scholarship and open education as part of a commitment to scholarly communication, eResearch and digital content stewardship.  

    This policy provides the basis for the University to preserve the scholarly work of UCT scholars and to make this scholarship discoverable, visible and freely available online to anyone who seeks it. 

    Researcher responsibilities relating to this policy:  

    1. Deposit peer reviewed scholarly publications into an officially designated institutional repository or into an acceptable curatorial system which can be harvested by UCT; or if prevented by a publisher’s copyright terms or other good reason from doing so, must notify the institutional repository in writing that he/she will not be doing so and the reasons for this.  

    1. Comply with any conditions for publishing scholarly content as set out by the funder.  

    1. Unless prevented by publisher agreement, grant UCT a royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-commercial, worldwide licence to the publish the deposited version of a scholarly publication in a UCT institutional repository to which there will be open access.  

    1. When voluntarily depositing a scholarly publication to which open access is restricted by virtue of a publisher agreement, this will be deemed to grant UCT a royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-commercial, worldwide licence to publish this in a UCT institutional repository to which there will be open access effective from the date on which restrictions contained in the publisher agreement cease to apply.   

    Download the policy here

  • Delegated authority 

    This policy sets out the levels and conditions of delegated Council authority to facilitate contracting on behalf of the University. 

     This policy applies to:  

    • all financial and budget transactions and the financial aspects of other transaction 
    • all staff members and committees who have delegated authority to contract and conduct other types of financial and budgetary transactions detailed in this policy. 

    Download the policy here