The CRR is a sub-committee of the University Research Committee (URC) and has delegated authority from the URC. Recommendations proposed by the CRR will be endorsed by the Senate Executive Committee (SEC). It's purpose is to manage the decisions relating to URC accredited Research Groupings and the quality assurance review process for accreditation of research groupings. The CRR has delegated authority from the URC and all recommendations are to be endorsed by SEC and published for information via the Senate Principal’s Circular (PC).

The role of the CRR

The CRR fulfills the following functions:

  • Receives and approve applications for accreditation of research groupings.
  • Consider requests for de-accreditation and closure of research groupings.
  • Consider nominations for appointment of directors of research groupings.
  • Review accredited research groupings.


  • Vice-chancellor (ex officio)
  • Deputy vice-chancellors (ex officio)  
  • Six members of the academic staff of UCT appointed by the University Research Committee (URC)

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