Teaching and learning



  • Animation

    A moving image output of the process or technique of filming successive drawings or positions of puppets or models to create an illusion of movement when the film is shown as a sequence.

  • Audio recording

    A sound recording; can include recorded lectures, oral interviews.

  • Audiovisual recording

    A recording involving both sight and sound.

  • Lecture material

    Supporting documentation for a lecture, can include lecture notes, presentations, slides, etc.

  • Map

    This will include a drawing or other representation of the earth's surface or a part of it made on a flat surface, showing the distribution of physical or geographical features (and often also including socio-economic, political, agricultural, meteorological, etc., information), with each point in the representation corresponding to an actual geographical position according to a fixed scale or projection. Or a representation of the positions of stars in the sky, the surface of a planet, or the like. Or a plan of the form or layout of something, such as a route, a building, etc.

  • Online lecture material

    Lecture material available remotely via the Internet.

  • Other

    All other types of teaching and learning publications that do not fit any of the named definitions.

  • Simulation

    The imitation of the operation of a real world process or system over time. It can include safety engineering testing, video games, climate models, etc.

  • Syllabus curriculum

    A statement of the subjects covered by a course of instruction or by an examination, in a programme of study.

  • Textbook

    An edition of a book specifically intended for the use of students who are enrolled in a course of study or preparing for an examination on a subject or in an academic discipline, as distinct from the trade edition of the same title. Also refers to the standard work used for a specific course of study.