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  • Q: Is my information publicly visible on the eRA Research Portal?

    A: By default, the profiles of academic staff, doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows will be publicly visible in eRA.  In other words, a member of the public will be able to view the public portion of the researcher profiles of these people. 

    By contrast, the profiles of masters students and PASS staff will be marked as internally visible.  Should you wish to make your profile visible to the public, login to the eRA system at eRAonline.UCT.ac.za using single sign-on and update your profile accordingly.

    Last update: 13-01-2017

  • Q: How do I update my Frascati Research Classifications on my Researcher Profile?

    A: Confirm the RF classifications that you would like to add from the manual, then log a call for these to be added to your profile.

    Last update: 09-11-2022

How-to guide: How to update your researcher profile

Click here to download the one-page pdf guide on updating your eRA profile or watch the video below:

Delegating roles

Click here to download the pdf guide on delegating roles.


ORCID sign-in process

Click here to download the pdf guide on the ORCID sign-in process.