The purpose of the UEC is to facilitate the strategic allocation of resources to support the University community to acquire large items of equipment for research, congruent with the strategic objectives and goals of the University and in line with its vision, mission and values. The UEC will also advise the URC and DVC for Research and Internationalisation from time to time on matters relating to the equipment infrastructure of the University.


The Vice-Chancellor (ex officio)

The Deputy Vice Chancellors   (ex officio)

The Chair of the University Research Committee if not a DVC (ex officio)

The Chair (see below)

A representive from each faculty, usually the Chair of the Faculty Equipment Committee, appointed by the Dean

The Director of the Electron Microscope Unit

No more than two co-opted members appointed on a yearly basis in agreement by the majority of the committee

A servicing officer from the Research Office


Senate appoints the UEC Chair, who is then automatically a member of the University Research Committee. The members of the UEC will elect a Deputy Chair from among their members. In the event of both Chair and Deputy Chair being unavailable, an acting Chair will be elected by the members from among their number. The Chair shall represent the University on the Regional Expensive Equipment Programme (REEP).


A minimun of 50% of the voting members shall constitute a quorum. As the presence of 50% of the voting members is required to constitute a quorum, decisions taken on voting matters at non-quorate meetings will require ratification via a Chair’s circular.


For elected members: four years from 1 July (concurrent with the term of office of Council). As a general rule, elected members should not serve longer than two consecutive terms of four years (i.e. eight years in total).


The University Equipment Committee:

  1. meets at least once per year to consider the funding of large items of equipment required for research purposes, including equipment made available for research by postgraduate students;
  2. communicates to the University community the process for applying for such funding, including what the UEC regards as “equipment” for this purpose;
  3. deliberates on applications endorsed and ranked by faculties before submission to the Committee;
  4. ranks “Category 1” applications for potential funding through the University’s annual CAPEX mechanism;
  5. ensures that sufficient information is provided to the Executive Director: Finance to confirm that funds are awarded in consistency with the overall objectives and strategies of the University;
  6. selects “Category 2” applications for very large items of equipment, to be submitted by the University to the National Research Foundation (and other funders from time to time) and approves co-funding for these applications as appropriate;
  7. interacts closely with faculties to ensure that they manage their equipment needs and expenditure properly in accordance with the University’s objectives;
  8. works with deans to provide equipment for new academic buildings and new departments, including the provision of new equipment to satisfy a change in the function of an existing department, or a change in research direction;
  9. creates opportunities for transferring equipment between faculties, sharing equipment, and encouraging opportunities for rationalisation, where possible;
  10. controls the provision of funds for unusually expensive repairs to equipment, which are beyond the capacity of faculty or departmental budgets;
  11. maintains a sufficient reserve to cover applications for “Category 2” equipment, unanticipated repairs and other ad hoc equipment expenditure that may arise from time to time;
  12. advises the URC and DVC for Research and Internationalisation from time to time on matters relating to the equipment infrastructure of the University; and
  13.  reports annually on its decisions through the University Research Committee.


  1. The UEC meets at least once per year and reports annually to the University Research Committee. Special meetings of the UEC may be convened as the need arises.
  2. The approval of the Chair of the UEC shall be required before deans apply to the Executive Director: Finance for permission to use earmarked equipment funds for other purposes.
  3. The Annual Report by the UEC to the Chair of the University Research Committee is a vehicle for accounting for the work of the Committee. The Committee must report on what it has achieved relative to the agreed objectives of the Committee and to its agreed purpose, and furthermore to hold itself accountable in that its report places the parent committee Chair in the position to judge how well the Committee has performed.


The committee has delegated authority to act on all matters as set out in its terms of reference, including the authority to request, obtain and expend a budget allocated annually through the CAPEX mechanism.


Administrative support is provided by the UCT Research Office.

Servicing Officer: Robyn Udemans
Email: robyn.udemans@uct.ac.za
Phone: 021 650 1924