The purpose of the University Equipment Committee (UEC) is to facilitate the strategic allocation of resources to support the University community to acquire large items of equipment for research, congruent with the strategic objectives and goals of the University and in line with its vision, mission and values. The UEC will also advise the URC and DVC for Research and Internationalisation from time to time on matters relating to the equipment infrastructure of the University. The UEC is a committee of Senate.


The Vice-Chancellor (ex officio)

The Deputy Vice Chancellors (ex officio)

The Chair of the University Research Committee if not a DVC (ex officio)

The Chair (see below)

A representive from each faculty, usually the Chair of the Faculty Equipment Committee, appointed by the Dean

The Director of the Electron Microscope Unit

No more than two co-opted members appointed on a yearly basis in agreement by the majority of the committee

A servicing officer from the Research Office

Chair and deputy chair

Senate appoints the UEC Chair, who is then automatically a member of the University Research Committee. The members of the UEC will elect a Deputy Chair from among their members. In the event of both Chair and Deputy Chair being unavailable, an acting Chair will be elected by the members from among their number. The Chair shall represent the University on the Regional Expensive Equipment Programme (REEP).

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