The Post-Awards process is initiated by the respective Contracts Manager by selecting the workflow step “Initiate fund opening”. This action creates a project award record in the Post-Awards module.

The project record starts off on the “New Awarded Project” workflow step. If not already accessible, the Research Admin contact should be tagged on the related project form at this stage by the Post-Awards Faculty Finance role, making the form accessible to them. The form will be reviewed by the Research Admin person for accuracy of information, attaching the FM003 form on the Fund Opening Approvals tab, and the Customer number or completed SD004 form, on the Invoice Information tab. Project Award Management milestones can also be captured on the Contract Information tab. The form is then submitted to Faculty Finance for review.

Faculty Finance accesses the form, reviews the attached FM003 and SD004 (if applicable) for accuracy and sign off. The project record is then moved to General Ledger for fund opening. 

Fund opening takes place in the SAP system, and the  fund number is reflected on the Fund Information tab. The project form is moved to the Fund Opened/Fund Amended step by General Ledger, which is only accessible to the Research Admin contact. Research Admin then moves the form to Debtors Initial Review stage.

The project record is accessible to Finance Debtors, where Sales order creation can occur if applicable. The form is then moved to the “Project in Progress” workflow step By Finance Debtors. The project record will remain on this step for the duration of activity of the project, and only during this step can Requisition Requests and Budget Loading requests be captured and submitted.