This approval form must be completed when researchers apply for the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) Self-initiated Research (SIR) Grants Programme. Only use this form for the SAMRC SIR scheme. For other SAMRC funding schemes, please use the ‘Proposal approval’ form when applying for funds.

This is a UCT approval form, not the actual grant application form.

Key:  PI receives a notification


Visit UCT’s Research Portal and login to eRA.

Select Add New Content  Award Management  Project Application / Approval Request

Select Other Funding Schemes  Application Stage Approvals  South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) Self-Initiated Research (SIR) Approval form.

 Enter all relevant project information under ‘Key Information’, attaching the proposal and SAMRC SIR approval form as indicated.

Complete all sections under the ‘Resourcing, Ethics & Biosafety’ section of the form and attach Ethics approval form as indicated

 Click “save and close” to be prompted to progress your form to the next workflow step, the Final Faculty Approver, via the online system. The Final Faculty Approver is typically the Dean or Deputy Dean.

 Final Faculty Approver reviews and confirms if they are satisfied with the information provided, then either returns with a query or sends the approved form to the Research Contracts & Innovation Office (RC&I) office.

 RC&I Contracts Manager signs the SAMRC SIR approval form and moves the eRA form on to the “Institutional Approval – Ready for submission by UCT” step. If the Contracts Manager has a query, they can also return the form to you for review prior to signing. 

 Once at the “Institutional Approval – Ready for submission by UCT” step, the Approval form is complete, and the funding application will be submitted by RC&I to the funder.