• Radio or television programmes

    Programming produced for and broadcast on radio or TV.

  • Visual artworks

    Works such as film, video, or new media developed as a result of an artistic practice. May serve for commercial purposes.

  • Sound design

    Art and process of manipulating audio elements to achieve a desired effect. It is employed in a variety of disciplines including film, theatre, music recording, and live music performance. It involves the manipulation of previously composed audio or the creative composition of new audio.

  • Light design

    Works done within theatre or in relation to an art installation to design a production.






  • Artistic exhibitions

    Showings of works of art under the direction of a curator, an artist or as a graduation exhibition.

  • Exhibition catalogues

    Publications for a temporary exhibition or installation at a gallery or alternative space. It documents the contents of an exhibition, providing a forum for critical dialogue between curators, artists and critics. It serves as a scholarly resource and is eligible for prestigious prizes.

  • Musical performances

    Original musical scores available in a format for dissemination.

  • Theatric

    Creation, production, dissemination of plays by professional theatre artists and organisations. The artefacts, costumes, props, sets and scripts, may be the object of a public exhibit.

  • Set design

    Creations of theatrical, as well as film or television, scenery also known as stage design, scenic design or production design.

  • Choreography

    Dance compositions created for production and dissemination.

  • Curatorial/museum exhibitions

    Exhibits under the guidance of a curator responsible for a collection.

  • Performance art

    Avant-garde or conceptual pieces of music, song, dance or theatre performed for an audience. It may be scripted or improvisational.