In the age of big data and large-scale international collaboration, researchers require dedicated support from specialists in information technology, who are often embedded in the research team. Researchers today rely on information and communications technology and services more than ever, and without support, they risk diverting time and resources into the development and maintenance of potentially substandard or inefficient solutions – or simply spending much more time doing analyses.

Technology-enabled research practices are game-changers for the pace and depth of research discoveries – so much so that gaps are appearing between those institutions with a clear strategy for effective eResearch support and those without. UCT eResearch is our response to this changing research landscape.

What sets a university apart today is its eResearch strategy and offerings, which encompasses the acquisition, storage, transfer, analysis, preservation and dissemination of data. As a leading research institution in South Africa, UCT supports its researchers through the eResearch Centre. 

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