The Contract Approval form is only completed for specific scenarios where a researcher requires sign-off of an awarded research contract (Contract approval) by the Research Contracts & Innovation (RC&I) office: (1) when the internal proposal approval process was not applicable (e.g. research contracts for which there was no funding call and the process began with contract negotiation with the funder/sponsor), or (2) when a proposal approval form was submitted, but the funder requests changes to the project or budget at award/contract stage. The form serves to help manage risk (in terms of resource use, research ethics, health & safety, and finances) to the University.

  • The form is accessed via UCT’s electronic Research Administration (eRA) system, completed electronically and distributed between reviewers and approvers via the eRA system.
  • Before completing the form, check internal deadlines and discuss the research contract terms and conditions with your Finance Department (e.g. Departmental Finance Officer), who can help develop an appropriate budget and will complete the financial part of the form.
  • A copy of the contract/agreement, scope of work, budget(s) and, if applicable, letters of approval (e.g. ethics) should be uploaded to the online form.
  • Following completion by the Principal Investigator (PI) and the Finance Department, the people who will need to approve the form are the Finance Approver (e.g. Research Management Accountant or Faculty Finance Manager), and the Final Faculty Approver (e.g. Deputy Dean of Research).
  • The UCT Research Contracts & Innovation Office (RC&I), specifically a Contracts Manager, will then be assigned to review the contract/agreement and provide input.

Key: PI receives a notification


Visit UCT’s Research Portal and login to eRA, then select the option to complete a New Project Application / Approval Request

Select Other Funding Schemes  Contract Stage Approvals

Enter project information into the ‘Key Information’ and ‘Resourcing, Ethics & Biosafety’ parts of the form, attaching all requested documents e.g. contract/agreement, scope of work, budget, etc.

 Click “save and close” to be prompted to progress your form to the next workflow step, the Budget Reviewer (e.g. this may be your Departmental Finance Officer), via the online system (PIs are encouraged to work offline on the budget with the Budget Reviewer in advance).

  Budget Reviewer enters financial details into the Financial Information and Person Effort tabs and sends the form back to the PI.

Check that the financial information is accurate, tick the “Final declaration by Principal Investigator” box under “Resourcing, Ethics and Biosafety”, click “save and close”, and progress the form to the next workflow step, the Finance Approver (e.g. Research Management Accountant or Faculty Finance Manager), via the online system.

Finance Approver reviews and confirms they are satisfied with the financial details, then either returns with a query or sends the approved form on to the Final Faculty Approver (e.g. Deputy Dean for Research).

Final Faculty Approver reviews and confirms if they are satisfied with the information provided, •then either returns with a query or sends the approved form on to Research Contracts & Innovation (RC&I).

  The Approval form is complete and RC&I will review and sign the new/revised contract/agreement.