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Accreditation process changes

OCSAS office worked with the other Institutions in 2021/22 to standardise the accreditation process. As a result, the office drafted an Off Campus Accreditation Policy, in alignment with Higher Education Act: Policy on minimum norms and standards for student housing at public universities.

The objective is to formally assess private accommodation to ensure that all regulations, guidelines and monitoring procedures are adhered to, while dealing with student accommodation.

OCSAS will has been working in partnership with Fundi, an external service provider. Fundi will assists UCT with the accreditation process from application to issuing compliance letter. As of January 2023, all Private Accommodation Service Providers need to apply for the UCT Accreditation Compliance letter. These certificates will be for valid for 12 months and can be renewed for the following year.

There is a once off application fee attached to the application process which will be based on the size of your property. This fee is used to maintain the system used and inspection fee. It is important to note that a separate application needs to be submitted per property.


Application fee breakdown



Size of Property Application Cost
1 - 5 beds R 810 – R 1450
6 – 10 beds R 1710 - R 2350
11 – 20 beds R 2610 – R4050
51 – 100 beds R 5385 – R 9550
21 – 50 beds R 4310 – R 8950
101 – 150 beds R 7210 – R 10 150
151 – 200 beds R 10310 - R 13 250
201 – 250 beds R 13410 – R 16 350
251 – 500 beds R 16510 – R 31 450



Application process


  1. Property owner applies online.
    Use the guideline to apply online on Fundi website.
  2. Once the application fee is settled and application is submitted, OCSAS and Fundi will review documents.
  3. A site inspection will be scheduled and conducted.
    This inspection will end with a detailed report which will be provided to the property owner.
  4. Once approved, property owner will receive a compliance letter which is valid for 12 months and the property listing will be live on the listing website.

Property owners are under no obligation to apply for the accreditation. However, approved and accredited accommodation will be listed and referred to students.

Applications will be open on 15 December 2022 and close on 28 February 2023.