UCT has a three-tier residence system that provides different services, governance and management at each tier. The policy and criteria for admission to UCT student housing assume that a student will initially enter a fist-tier (catering) residence and subsequently move to a second-tier (senior catering or self-catering) residence or into third-tier (semi-autonomous self-catering) accommodation.

Mixed-gender residences are separated according to floors or, where relevant, flats.

Persons with disabilities can be accommodated in different residences. Students with disabilities are advised to make early contact with the Student Accommodation Office and the Disability Unit, which will assist them in assessing their particular needs.

All residences have strict access control and most are covered by closed circuit television. Each residence has its own distinctive ethos by virtue of its history and tradition. Nonetheless they all strive to achieve excellence in all spheres of residence life.

Students who have any queries or concerns about the specific residence to which they have been allocated should not hesitate to contact the relevant Warden or Residence Facilities Officer on the telephone numbers provided.

Wardens and Residence Facilities Officers are amenable to arranging for students to view their allocated residence, but this arrangement must be made well in advance.

First-tier residences provide accommodation for undergraduate men and women students, who are usually under the age of 21. These residences provide students with up to three meals a day in a dining hall. Some buildings have double rooms. If you are placed in one of these, you may send your room-mate-matching request to res@uct.ac.za or fax 021 650 4014.

Second-tier residences provide accommodation for senior undergraduate students. Catering residences provide up to three meals a day in a dining hall. All rooms in second-tier residences are single.

First and second-tier residences provide common-room space for television, meetings and social interaction, as well as self-operating laundries.

Third-tier residences have wardens who oversee the academic and social well-being of the students in the sector. The wardens ensure that there is a good community life in the houses, flats and the purpose built residence like OBZ Square.
The geographical fragmentation of the Third Tier accommodation, has resulted in the establishment of a Residence Association, tasked to create a quality residence life experience for its Post-graduate students.

Accommodation for students with spouses and dependants

JP Duminy residence provides accommodation for students with spouses and dependants limited to own children. It is situated in Main Road, Mowbray, and houses 42 students in flats which are within easy walking distance of the main campus, the shuttle service and local.