Third-tier residences provide accommodation for senior postgraduate students.

Third-tier residences have wardens who oversee the academic and social well-being of the students in the sector. The wardens ensure that there is a good community life in the houses, flats and the purpose built residence like OBZ Square.
The geographical fragmentation of the Third Tier accommodation, has resulted in the establishment of a Residence Association, tasked to create a quality residence life experience for its Post-graduate students.

Basic furniture is provided. Most units are within walking distance of the Upper Campus or close to the shuttle, and all are easily accessible to shops and public transport.

Third-tier residences provide self-operating laundries, and all residents have an easy access to UCT sport facilities.

For further information on third-tier residences, download Living at UCT - A Guide to UCT's third-tier Residences (Handbook 2.3).