The Constitutional Committee is a body of student governance at the University of Cape Town. Receiving its mandate from Chapter 9 of the SRC Constitution, the Committee is tasked with the approval and amendment of the constitutions of student structures, prior to their submission to the relevant student structures or University committees for final approval.

The Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving the standing rules of all sub-councils; it is also responsible for ensuring that constitutions align with that of the SRC Constitutions, and the values and principles thereof; the Committee is tasked with the provision of pro-forma constitutions to student governing structures; finally, the Committee is also responsible for providing interpretations on all student governance legislation should the legislation be unclear or where there is a dispute over interpretation.

The Committee is devoted to serving student interests, drawing its inspiration and working vision from the preamble of the SRC Constitution. It is the aim of the Committee to ensure open, transparent and democratic leadership in student governance through a respect for the rule of law, consensus-decision making and Constitutional protection of student rights and freedoms in South Africa.

The Constitutional Committee can be contacted at