UCT has an excellent track record in a wide variety of sports and is keen to continue attracting top sports people. If you have represented your country in any sport at a national schools or age-group level and want to apply for the Sports Scholarship, you should contact UCT Sport and Recreation. 

Eligible applicants need to apply to UCT Sport and Recreation to be considered for the Sports Scholarship. The closing date for submission of applications is 30 September for study in the following year. See the application form; please fill this in and send it back together with your sports CV once you have started the application process to study at UCT via  Online Applications (uct.ac.za). All submissions must be emailed in Word or PDF format only. UCT Sports Scholarship Form.

For any further queries feel free to email us: sports@uct.ac.za 

Tel: 021 650 3564
Sport and Recreation