The Student Wellness Service (SWS) runs various service points on UCT's campus.

Please note: You need a confirmed booking before arriving at the SWS service points. To make a booking, see our page Appointments with SWS.

Lower Campus

Ivan Toms Building (main SWS service point)
Open: Monday–Friday, 08h30–16h30
28 Rhodes Avenue, Mowbray | Directions on Google Maps

Upper Campus

Steve Biko Building 
Level 6, Rooms 6.10,  6.12, 6.20, 6.21 | Open: Monday–Friday, 08h30–16h30
North Lane, Rondebosch | Directions on Google Maps

Sports Centre Clinic (walk-in services, no booking required)
Room 5.07 | Open: Monday–Friday, 08h30–16h30
Upper Campus, Rondebosch | Directions on Google Maps

Mathematics Building
Room M308 | Open: Monday + Tuesday, 08h30–16h30
Faculty of Science, University Avenue, Rondebosch | Directions on Google Maps

Lesley Commerce Building
Room 5.04 | Open: Wednesday + Thursday, 08h30–16h30
Faculty of Commerce, Engineering Mall, Rondebosch | Directions on Google Maps

Middle Campus

Kramer Law Building
Room 6.40 | Open: Monday–Wednesday, 08h30–16h30
Faculty of Law, Wilfred and Jules Middle Campus, Rondebosch | Directions on Google Maps

UCT COVID-19 Isolation Medical Facility
For details, see COVID-19 FAQs: UCT's COVID-19 isolation medical facility
All Africa House, 43 Stanley Road, Middle Campus, Rondebosch | Directions on Google Maps

Hiddingh Campus

Leslie Commerce Building
Room 6 | Open: Monday–Thursday, 09h00–15h30
Faculty of Humanities, Engineering Mall, Rondebosch | Directions on Google Maps

Health Sciences Campus

Groote Schuur Hospital
Ward G26, Room 21.6 | Open: Monday–Friday, 08h30–16h30
Faculty of Health Sciences, Main Road, Observatory | Directions on Google Maps

For directions, you can also see UCT Campus Maps.

You have an emergency?

During office hours (08h30–16h00):
Phone 021 650 1020 for assistance from the Student Wellness Service Hotline.

All hours:
For medical emergencies, phone 010 205 3010 (ER24 UCT collaboration).
For mental health emergencies, phone 0800 24 25 26 (toll-free) or text 31393 for a call-me-back (UCT Student Careline).

See here for first steps in a medical/mental health emergency.


See also our Emergencies page for additional specialised services and contacts.