Welcome, incoming students to the University of Cape Town

Congratulations on becoming part of the UCT community. Orientation is a time of celebration and new beginnings. We hope to provide you with all the information and details necessary for a successful transition into your first year and student life at UCT.

Orientation is a series of events and activities designed to help you as a first-year student explore all that awaits you at university. Our orientation activities are fact-to-face with supplementary information on our Amathuba platform. During orientation, tou will meet people, find out about resources on campus, learn how to find your way around and have some fun too. You will receive important curriculum and general advice to help you to register as a student. Be sure to participate in the programmes to garner important information about UCT. The university executive, staff, student leaders, including the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), faculty councils, residence house committees and orientation leaders will welcome you. Orientation is about our commitment to help you, as a new student, explore opportunities and connect to your new community.

All first years will need to attend the First Year Campus Onboarding activity which will run from 28 to 30 January 2023 at the UCT Sports Centre. Here you will be required to pre-register, receive your student card and for some students this is where you will collect your laptop. First years will be able to book a slot to attend the First Year Campus Onboarding event, as indicated in correspondence sent to you.

We thank you for your perseverance and look forward to seeing you.

The Orientation Office
Contact: uctorientation@uct.ac.za