Second-tier residences provide accommodation for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The second-tier residences have in place various structures and programmes that seek to introduce the student to independent senior student life while giving opportunities to share communal space with their counterparts.

On arrival, students will be warmly welcomed by the warden, house committee members, sub-wardens and other student leaders in their residence. The residence governance structures are mandated to facilitate a non-disruptive transition into "independent" living.

Students will be able to enjoy a rich diversity of cultures that is very much community-orientated and driven.

All second-tier residences are single. Most are composed of two- to four-bedroom flats. Catering residences provide up to three meals a day in a dining hall.

The residences also provide common-room space for television, meetings and social interaction, as well as self-operating laundries. Many have a piano, pool table and table tennis facilities.

For further information on second-tier residences, download Living at UCT - A Guide to UCT's second-tier Residences (Handbook 2.2).