Undergraduate Full-time Students with South African Citizenship or Permanent Residence

An undergraduate full-time student;

  • who is a South African citizen or has South African permanent residence (proof must be provided).
  • who has siblings at UCT also studying towards a full-time undergraduate degree.
  • whose total family income is between R600 000 and R750,000 pa.
  • where the student or siblings are not in receipt of financial assistance, sponsorship or the UCT Staff Tuition rate.

will, on successful application to the Manager, Student Financial Aid Office, receive a bursary equivalent to 20% of their tuition fees.

This concession does not apply to the tuition fees of the first child and funding received will be limited to the costs of all courses registered for at the start of the academic year. Funding will be adjusted should a sibling cancel a course/s or receive alternate funding.

Families with more than 2 siblings in full-time undergraduate study at UCT and whose income exceeds the stated cut-off may apply for special consideration.

This funding is not automatically renewed and must be applied for every year for verification of the qualifying criteria. This application may not be used if no application for NSFAS or GAP funding was made.

Sibling Rebate Application Open