The university boasts almost 40 sports clubs with a total membership of over 9 000 students and staff.

The more traditional sports are all well catered for, but you also have the option of more exciting individual pursuits such as archery, hiking, mountaineering and water-skiing.

Sports and Recreation provides for all levels of competition from purely social programmes through to high-performance sport.

UCT has a proud record of achievement both in the Western Province leagues and at national student tournaments. Each year the university produces a number of sports people who achieve the highest honour of representing South Africa.

Sports development and transformation are taken very seriously at UCT. Our students are actively engaged in promoting sport in the local communities and within their clubs on campus.

Every club welcomes new members, from novices to the more experienced athletes, and is equipped to deal with the needs of each individual.

Most clubs engage the services of top-level coaches, many of whom coach at provincial level.

Sports facilities include an Astroturf hockey facility, an indoor sports complex, and excellent tennis, squash, soccer, rugby and cricket facilities. Our rowing club is one of the best equipped university clubs in the country.

In addition, UCT has access to a mountain near Ceres, an L26 keelboat and many sailing dinghies, an ocean-going dive boat, and a water-ski boat equipped with a 130hp engine.


Sports scholarships

With an excellent record in a wide variety of sports, UCT is keen to continue attracting top sports people to the campus.

If you have represented your country in any sport at a national schools or age-group level, you could be eligible for a sports scholarship of between R4 000 and R8 000.

Eligible applicants need to apply to Sports and Recreation to be considered for these awards. The closing date for applications is 31 October for study in the following year.

Sports publication

Campus Sport is the annual publication of the Sports and Recreation section, part of the Department of Student Affairs. The publication showcases outstanding sporting achievements by students, while also picking up on sports stories regarding UCT staff and graduates. The publication is distributed primarily at the annual Sports Awards Dinner in October.

UCT provides unique opportunities for you to participate in sports or physical recreation of your choice.


Sports Clubs Practising times


CANOE Tues:18H00, Thurs: 16h00 Zandvlei

Weekdays: Rowing Centre 6am or 6pm ,

Zoekoeivlei 5am or 5pm Weekends: 7am Zoekeoivlei


Mon& Wed,:SSISA Pool 18h30-19h30 ,Tue :

SSISA Gym 17h30-18h30. (Potentially) Fri / TBC

SURF Fridays:15H00-16H00, Saturdays: 10H00-12H00 Muizenburg, Check Vula Notices
UNDERWATER Thursdays (club open) 17h00-23h00, free dive training 17h00-18h00 Underwater Club
WATER POLO Mon & Tue: 17h30-20h00 UCT swimming Pool.
WAKEBOARDING Sat and Sun; Misverstand Dam
YACHT Fri: 16h30-19h00, Sat & Sun 09h00-15h00 UCT Yacht Club.
ARCHERY Mon & Wed : 16h00-18h00 Sports Centre Hall
ATHLETICS Mon – Thurs : 17h30 –19h30  UCT Cricket Oval.
CHESS Tues & Thurs: 17hoo- 19h00
CYCLING Check  Vula  Notices
FENCING Mon & Thurs: 16h00-19h00  Sports Centre Hall 2
GYMNASTICS Tues & Thurs : Gordon's  Gym  Mowbray 19h00-21h00
MOUNTAIN & SKI See Vula & email announcements

Mon:18h00-21h00 Wed & Thur:17h30-20h30 Fri:17h00-19h30  UCT Cricket Oval and

Sat 09h00-12h00 UCT Rugby B Field.


Mon: 18h30-20h00, Fri:18h30-20h00 Sun:10h00-12h30 Martial Arts Room ;

Tue: 19h30-21h00, Thur:18h00-19h30 Hall 3


Mon & Thurs : 16h30-18h00, Sports Centre Hall 3 Wed: 18H30-20h00 

Martial Arts Room. 17

JU JITSU Wed & Fri : 16h30-18h30, Sports Centre Hall 3
KARATE Mon & Wed 18h30-19h30 Sports Centre Hall 3
KICKBOXING Wed & Fri : 16h30-18h30 Martial Arts Room
TAEKWONDO Tues 18h00-19h30  Thur 19h30-21h00 Sport Centre Hall 3
TAI CHI Tue and Thurs Beginners, 17:30 to 18:30 - Advanced, 18h30-20h00  Martial Arts Room
BADMINTON Tues &Thurs:19h00-22h00 Sports Centre Hall 2
BASKETBALL Mon&Wed :18h00-22h00, Tue & Thur 16h00-19h30, Fri 17h00-10h00 Sports Centre Hall1

Tue :1st & 2nd teams, Wed, Women/Social, Thur: 1st,2nd& 3rd teams 

Out door Artificial Nets,Cricket Oval

FOOTBALL Mon, Tue & Thurs 17h00-21h00 Kopano Astro
HOCKEY Mon-Fri :17H00-21H00, UCT Hares Astroturf/ Bishops Astroturf
NETBALL Tue & Wed: 17h00-19h00  Sports Centre
RUGBY Mon, Tues & Thurs: 17h30-19h00, Wed: Internal League Rugby Fields
SQUASH Wed & Thurs : UCT Squash Courts 17H00– 19H00 Wed & Thurs : UCT Squash Courts 17H00– 19H00
TABLE TENNIS Wed:19h00-22h00, Fri: 18h00-21h00  Sports Centre Hall 2

Mon :Social, Tue and Thurs :(League top10),

Wed: (League Top10 onwards) 17h30-19h00  UCT Tennis Courts

VOLLEYBALL Mon: 19h00-21h00 Sports Centre Hall 2;  & Thurs: 19h30-21h30 Sports Centre Hall1