Each faculty has an undergraduate and postgraduate Student Faculty Council, which is elected on an annual basis by, and composed of, registered undergraduate or postgraduate students who have completed at least one semester within that faculty.

Student Faculty Councils form a crucial link between the students, academics and staff members within their faculties and are tasked with representing their student body on numerous faculty committees and structures, such as the Faculty Board and the Dean’s Advisory Committee.

They are to serve the interests of students within their faculties, primarily by coordinating class or departmental representatives and creating environments conducive to fostering academic excellence, but also through initiatives in the areas of transformation, safety and wellness, and social responsiveness.

More information of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Faculty Councils including contact details can be found on the following pages:

Commerce Students' Council

Engineering & the Built Environment Students' Council

Health Science Students' Council

Humanities Students' Council

Law Students' Council

Science Students' Council