The UCT Student Governance Court (SGC) is an independent body, comprising of five students, which presides over disciplinary matters lodged against student structures and members of student governance who are alleged to have contravened the student governance legislation.

The goals of the Court are:

  1. To ensure accountable and transparent Student Leaders.
  1. To ensure that the values, ethos and organizational culture of the University is reflected in its student organizations.
  1. To administer fairness and ethics in student leadership
  1. To serve as a check and balance in the UCT student governance structure
  1. To provide a student-centered platform for accountability and transparency in student governance.

The Student Governance Court serves the interests of the students and the university at large. Its vision is to make sure that student governance is ethical, moral, open, accountable, and responsive to the needs of the student body. The Student Governance Court is the highest disciplinary student run body at the University of Cape Town. They receive complaints about student structures or members and conduct hearings in a manner that is procedurally fair.

The Student Governance Court can be contacted at