First-tier residences provide accommodation for undergraduate men and women students, who are usually under the age of 21.

These residences provide students with up to three meals a day in a dining hall. Some buildings have double rooms.

The first-tier residences have in place various structures and programmes that seek to underpin the dictum "home away from home".

On arrival, a student will be warmly welcomed by the warden, house committee members, sub-wardens and other student leaders in their residence. The residence governance structures are mandated to facilitate a non-disruptive transition into "independent" living.

Students will be able to enjoy a rich diversity of cultures that is very much community-orientated and driven.

First-tier residences provide common-room space for television, meetings and social interaction, as well as self-operating laundries.

For further information on first-tier residences, download Living at UCT - A Guide to UCT's first-tier Residences (Handbook 2.1).