UCT International Office: Visa and immigration services

29 Jan 2024
29 Jan 2024

Important notice regarding visa and immigration services offered by the UCT International Office

The International Office is your go-to resource for information and guidance on visa and immigration regulations pertaining to inbound travel for international students.

The office handles enquiries related to the pre-registration of the following categories:

  1. full degree undergraduate and postgraduate students
  2. modular postgraduate students
  3. postdoctoral research fellows at UCT.

The office guides international students and researchers on various immigration processes, including but not limited to:

  1. applying for a new study visa (full degree and semester study abroad)
  2. applying for a short stay visa for modular study
  3. applying for a long stay visitor’s visa endorsed for research
  4. renewing a study visa or a long stay visitor’s visa for research.

Please contact the International Ofiice at: visa-immigration@uct.ac.za

International students are also encouraged take note of the following information related to international tuition payments and processes:

  1. Funding Letter Request
    Ensure that the funding letter is endorsed specifically for the 2024 academic year.
    If it covers multiple years, please re-endorse, re-sign and date it for 2024 to confirm its validity.
    The student should request the funder or faculty head of department to endorse the letter.
  2. Payment Plan Policy
    We regret to inform you that we do not offer payment plans beyond the initial amount which is determined by your nationality or degree programme.
  3. Academic Registration Course Codes
    For payments below the initial fee requirement, request confirmation from your department either via email confirmation or a letter.
    Upload the confirmation on SR to ensure seamless fee clearance.
  4. Email Communication Guidelines
    1. Avoid sending emails solely for service request notifications.
    2. Instead of emailing payment proof for fee clearance, initiate a service request for a more efficient process.

Commissioners of Oaths

Commissioners of oaths are available at the International Office for the certification of any pre-registration immigration documentation.

Read more about student visas on the International website

For UCT staff members

Please note: the International Office does not handle visa and immigration concerns for UCT staff.

For all queries concerning work visas, including critical skills work visas, general work visas and visitors’ visas permitting work activities (eg spousal/research visas) please reach out to Ms Cheryl Samuel in the UCT Human Resources Appointments Office. You can contact Ms Cheryl Samuel via email at Cheryl.Samuel@uct.ac.za.

We appreciate your cooperation in directing your enquiries to the appropriate office to ensure efficient and accurate assistance.

Contact UCT Human Resources Appointments Office