Partnerships that enable global knowledge exchange

UCT is a member of several research networks that collaborate toward achieving a shared goal of strengthening the research endeavour across the world.

By partnering with these networks, UCT supports global knowledge exchange – particularly between the continent and the rest of the world – and strengthens on-the-ground research and collaboration.

African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA)

UCT is one of 16 partner universities at ARUA driving quality research carried out in Africa by African researchers. Founded in 2015, ARUA supports African research excellence through collaboration to solve Africa’s development problems.
Find out more about ARUA here.


International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU)

UCT is the only African member of IARU, a network of 11 leading research universities from nine different countries. IARU drives a global vision of academic diversity and international collaboration to address the world’s major challenges.
Find out more about IARU here.


Worldwide Universities Network (WUN)

WUN is a global education and research network that collaborates with members to create opportunities in international research and graduate education. UCT is among its member universities, joining 24 partners across six continents.
Find out more about WUN here.


Australia Africa University Network (AAUN)

UCT helps connect researchers and academics in Africa and Australia through its partnership with AAUN. This includes working to develop initiatives that solve development challenges facing Africa and the rest of the world.
Find out more about AAUN here.


Southern African–Nordic Centre (SANORD)

SANORD is a network that promotes academic collaboration between institutions in the southern African and Nordic regions. A special focus at SANORD is on democracy, social equality and academic engagement.
Find out more about SANORD here.


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