Types of fellows at UCT

  • Fellow:
    • any fellow before retirement and without a break in service
    • any fellow who is in full-time service post retirement
    • any fellow who holds a senior scholar appointment
  • Life fellow:
    • any person who has been a fellow and leaves the service of the university through retirement
  • Sometime fellow:
    • any person who has been a fellow and who leaves the service of the university before retirement. (Should such a fellow return to a post at the university he or she will automatically become a fellow and a life fellow on retirement.)


Fellows Life fellows Sometime fellows
Professor J Alexander
Emeritus Professor MG Alexander
Professor I Barashenkov
Professor K Barnes
Professor L-G Bekker
Emeritus Professor SR Benatar
Professor H Bhorat
Professor NB Biekpe
Professor J Blackburn
Professor SA Bourne
Emeritus Professor GM Branch
Professor F Brombacher
Professor W Burgers
Emeritus Professor DS Butterworth
Emeritus Professor MR Caira
Professor K Chibale
Emeritus Professor D Chidester
Professor A Chinsamy-Turan
Professor M Claeys
Professor M Collins
Emeritus Professor HM Corder
Professor K Dheda
Emeritus Professor CA Dominguez
Emeritus Professor RE Dorrington
Professor P Dunsby
Emeritus Professor GFR Ellis
Professor J Fagan
Professor JM Farrant
Professor AA Figaji
Professor M Fleishman
Professor L Gilson
Emeritus Professor CL Griffiths
Professor J Hambidge
Professor S Harrison
Professor B Hewitson
Emeritus Professor J Higgins
Emeritus Professor GD Hussey
Professor N Illing
Professor G Janelidze
Professor R Kraan-Korteweg
Professor EV Lambert
Professor M Lambert
Professor G Langdon
Professor M Leibbrandt
Professor AP le Roex
Professor NS Levitt
Professor AE Lewis
Professor C Lund
Professor G Maartens
Professor A Mainza
Emeritus Professor M Meadows
Professor EM Meintjes
Professor G Meintjes
Professor P Meissner
Emeritus Professor RP Millar
Professor V Mizrahi
Professor H Mostert
Professor T Moultrie
Professor N Mulder
Professor L Myer
Emeritus Professor LR Nassimbeni
Professor M Ntsekhe
Professor N Ntusi
Emeritus Professor GN Nurick
Professor F Nyamnjoh
Emeritus Professor CT O’Connor
Professor E Pieterse
Professor S Prince
Professor R Ramesar
Professor C Reason
Professor BD Reddy
Emeritus Professor AL Rodgers
Professor D Ross
Professor F Ross
Professor P Ryan
Professor E Rybicki
Distinguished Professor P-J Salazar
Professor T Scriba
Professor J Sealy
Emeritus Professor CD Shearing
Professor K Sliwa-Hahnle
Professor P Skotnes
Professor ML Solms
Professor DJ Stein
Professor E Sturrock
Emeritus Professor LG Underhill
Professor E van Steen
Professor D van Zyl Smit
Professor A-L Williamson
Professor C Williamson
Emeritus Professor R Wood
Professor HJ Zar
Professor P Zilla
Professor A Zingoni
Professor L Zühlke
Professor E Bateman
Professor RI Becker
Professor PH Beighton
Professor T Bennett
Professor MC Berman
Professor WJ Bond
Professor PC Bornman
Professor GCL Brummer
Professor J Burchell
Professor JM Coetzee
Professor B Cooper
Emeritus Professor JL Cornille
Professor TM Crowe
Professor S Cywes
Professor D Dewar
Emeritus Professor JW de Gruchy
Professor W de Vos
Professor JG Field
Professor IJ Fiske
Professor P Folb
Professor W Gevers
Professor Y Gitay
Professor MJ Hall
Professor KA Hardie
Professor EH Harley
Associate Professor R Hickman
Professor C Himonga
Associate Professor LC Isaacson
Professor JUM Jarvis
Professor RG Lass
Professor JRE Lutjeharms
Professor IN Marks
Associate Professor DB McIntosh
Professor JE Myers
Professor WR Nasson
Professor NS Ndebele
Emeritus Professor TD Noakes
Emeritus Professor JE Parkington
Associate Professor T Rajna
Professor BB Rawdon
Professor P Reynolds
Emeritus Professor S Richardson
Emeritus Professor V Russell
Professor H Ruther
Professor WR Siegfried
Professor AM Stephen
Professor J Terblanche
Professor JA Thomson
Professor NJ van der Merwe
Professor DR van der Westhuizen
Professor CL Vaughan
Professor CMML Villa Vicencio
Professor RD Viollier
Professor D Visser
Professor DJ Welsh
Emeritus Professor EL Wilson
Professor N Worden
Associate Professor H Bradford
Professor JS Davidson
Professor MJ de Wit
Dr HE Hinderks
Professor JT Irving
Professor DW Kurtz
Dr C Merskey
Dr CY Pauc
Professor IR Phimister
Professor DE Rawlings
Professor FT Robb
Dr DR Woods

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