Sport and Recreation UCT provides many opportunities for you to participate in sports or physical recreation of your choice. Besides traditional sports, you will also have the option of exciting individual options such as sailing, water skiing and scuba diving.

This department of UCT caters for all levels of sport from social programmes through to high performance sport. The university has a proud record of achievement both in the local Western Province leagues and at the national student tournaments. Time and again UCT has produced a number of sports people who have achieved the highest honour of representing South Africa.

Sports development and transformation are taken very seriously at UCT.

Our students are also actively engaged in promoting sport in the local communities and within their clubs on campus. Every club welcomes new members from novices to the more experienced athletes, and the clubs are equipped to deal with the needs of each individual.

Most clubs engage the services of top-level coaches, many of whom coach at provincial level. Sports facilities include an artificial hockey field, an indoor sports complex, and excellent tennis, squash, soccer, rugby, cricket and fitness centre facilities.

Sports scholarships & bursaries

With an excellent record in a wide variety of sports, UCT is keen to continue attracting top sports people to the campus. If you have played provincial or national representative sport at any level, you could be eligible for a Sporting Scholarship to assist in financing your studies at UCT.

Eligible applicants need to apply to Sports and Recreation to be considered for these awards. For information and application forms, contact

Student societies

The university boasts more than 100 student societies and organisations representing a wide range of interests, including academic, religious, cultural, social and political activities. These are outside of the formal academic programme and are open to all registered students.

Each society is run by students and any student may be a member. They are partially funded by the University and partially by subscription fees which are charged by the societies. The societies allow students to enjoy activities on the campus that are not normally part of the academic curricula, like being part of a community that is stimulating and opens up new challenges and opportunities for them.

Given the wide choice of student clubs, societies, and other governance structures, there is literally something to capture the interest of everyone. In this regard you will have a host of opportunities to continue activities you already have an interest in, or to get involved in something new. With several hundred students joining societies each year, you are assured of meeting other students with similar interests.

Societies hold a number of events every year including an AGM where the new leadership is elected for the New Year.

Societies’ activities are directed by students, and there are many opportunities to get involved at an organisational level. Through such activities you will develop valuable skills in leadership and organisation.

For more information, visit

Plaza Week, where there is lots of fun, laughter, and getting to know and join the different societies on campus.

Students’ Representative Council

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) is a statutory structure consisting of 15 members who are elected annually in a general university-wide election. The SRC represents the interests of students at the UCT, and does this through active participation in University committees as well as through a range of programmes and projects. As the highest student governance decision- making structure, the SRC also co-ordinates the work of student structures such as clubs, societies, student faculty councils, residence committees, development agencies and student organisations.