Research that impacts Africa and the rest of the world

UCT is the top university in Africa and one of the best in the world. This position is built on UCT’s reputation as an inclusive, engaged and research-intensive African university.

UCT not only supports Africa’s leading researchers, it also provides pathways for them to collaborate with international research networks.

International research partners benefit from UCT’s vibrant local networks and the ability to tap into African knowledge and expertise.

Bringing together the best minds from the global north and the global south, UCT helps address Africa and the world’s research priorities.


Why partner with us?

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Africa’s leading university

UCT is the leading university in Africa and among the best in the world. We are home to an extraordinary body of academics who are regularly ranked as leaders in their fields.

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Research with an impact

UCT research makes a difference. We are committed to solving Africa’s problems and using international partnerships to impact the global research agenda.

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African connections

UCT’s research is centred on and grounded in Africa. Our researchers have networks across Africa that offer opportunities for international collaboration.

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Global networks

UCT has a robust network of partnerships across the globe. This strengthens the global knowledge project through the inclusion of African intellect and expertise.

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People and places

UCT’s position at the tip of Africa – under southern skies and where three oceans meet – gives our researchers and partners access to extraordinary research opportunities.


Some of our partnerships

Tackling climate change

The Future Resilience for African Cities and Lands (FRACTAL) project works in nine sub-Saharan African cities to make them more resilient to climate change. The collaboration involves over 20 organisations including universities, consultants, civil society and municipalities.

Shaping global issues

UCT Vice-Chancellor Mamokgethi Phakeng attended the inaugural U7+ Alliance Summit in 2019 in Paris. She joined university leaders from 18 countries to formalise and vote on a series of founding principles and to commit to associated concrete actions to tackle global issues.

Developing local talent

As a partner to the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, UCT provides 338 scholarships over 10 years to economically disadvantaged young people from sub-Saharan Africa to study at UCT.

Southern skies and oceans

Southern skies: SKA and SA Aghulhas II

UCT’s position at the tip of Africa – under southern skies and where southern oceans meet – gives our researchers and partners access to extraordinary research opportunities. This includes research at the Square Kilometre Array and on board the polar research vessel SA Agulhas II.

African research impact

Informal settlement

The ARUA African Centre of Excellence for Inequality Research, led by UCT with the universities of Ghana and Nairobi, is building capacity for frontier data scholarship to reduce inequality. Collaborations like this ensure Africa is included in international measurements of progress, such as the Sustainable Development Goals.


More information

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